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Meeting Summary of business activity in 2011 and implementation plan tasks in 2012

On 05/1/2012,  Saigon Agriculture Incorporation held a conference in 2011 concluded its mission and implement the plan in 2012. Attending were Mr. Le Minh Tri, Member of executive board of the city party - Vice President of People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.

Report at the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Van Truc, general director of the company stated: 2011 is the year most of the business sector are facing many difficulties due to social and economic situation complicated , inflation, exchange rate fluctuations, the major raw materials and higher loan interest, prolonged disease has created uncertainty for business, however due to the growth rate of agricultural products variability increases with industry is quite favorable and the Corporation has policies and plans to direct time and stick to their assigned tasks in accordance with the remedial solutions in the struggle to control inflation, stabilize macro economy, ensuring social security of the State, so the business activities of the Corporation continued to maintain stability and development in the difficult conditions mentioned above.

On business results in 2011, production value reached 101.28% 8.91% plan to increase over the same period, total sales reached nearly 3,700 billion, reaching 103.28% of the plan, up 10, 11% over the same period nearly 195 billion budget, up 28.5% over the same period .... income, the lives of employees are markedly improved.

Addressing the meeting, Mr. Le Minh Tri - vice president of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh city praised the achievements that collective staff Saigon Agriculture Incorporation has made in recent years amid a lot of hard constraints. Regarding the development strategy in the coming years, he offered to corporations interested in the breed development, cooperation with other institutes and schools to replicate the kind of seed, seedlings value that economic science has experienced success .....



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