Month 1 Date 23, Year 2018
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Saigon Agriculture Incorporation at Fair

Under the guidance of the City People's Committee for participation in trade promotion and investment in the Myanmar market, from 14 to 19.06.2012, the Saigon Agriculture Incorporation Fair " Ho Chi Minh City Expo - Myanmar 2012 " in Myanmar.

The Saigon Agriculture Incorporation Limited (Sagri) by Mr. Nguyen Van Truc - General Director, head of delegation and some business leaders joined members
Fair is one of the activities to promote trade and investment market in Myanmar by the  Investment and Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) held for years in a row. Participate in the fair this time, the Saigon Agriculture Incorporation introduced the products of the member units such as chili sauce and the Go Vap food company; sauce of Lien Thanh Joint Stock Co., Vietnam and Huong Hai, the seed, forms of coffee and cashew nuts; raw material feed ... After 4 days trade fair participation, the product was consumed except seed and feed ingredients.
Through trade promotion activities has 5 partners interested in these products and would like to make a distribution representative in Myanmar. First released in June, there will be a partner to visit and work with corporations to expand trade relations. There are also four partners wish to enter Article and coffee from Vietnam through the Corporation.
"People are very sympathetic to Myanmar with Vietnam, because they see clearly the character of the new set of trading the next step. The products with packaging sold at the fair is pure Vietnamese brands to penetrate the market that need to design an international packaging (eg English bilingual Vietnamese) will be sold. Commodity soy sauce, chili sauce Go Vap can consume in Myanmar. There was a good sign when a customer has returned to stores and buy more to use gradually after trial and commend good buy. Some customers will ask when shopping for used up Where in Myanmar ". These are the overall group marketing Sagri Myanmar fairs
 Overall trade promotion activities at the Fair "Ho Chi Minh City Expo - Myanmar 2012" held from 14-19/6/2012 Saigon Agriculture Incorporation in Myanmar was a great success.

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