Sagri, Saigon Agriculture Incorporation Ltd. - is a leading enterprise of the City specializing in manufacturing and trading complexes in agriculture, forestry, fishery and seafood. Sagri has 27 member companies and a 25 year history development, we have, we have built ourselves a solid sagri in the agricultural and food.


Sagri constantly strives to improve the value chain system of agricultural products in order to best serve customers. We have applied advanced production model by biotechnology to provide the market with the best GREEN-CLEAN products for consumers and the environment. We are proud to guarantee that our clean agricultural system is green and clean in every step, from the supply of seedlings to the production of animal feed, bio-fertilizers, to proactively source plant protection drugs. veterinary medicine, especially with a closed process from slaughter to food processing and ultimately delivery to consumers.


Sagri always puts the human factor first, with a dynamic and creative staff with high technical and professional qualifications applying modern scientific advances to production, we always have modern production lines meeting international management standards such as WHO-GMP, HACCP, ISO and GlobalGAP.


Sagri is the trusted parner of large nationwide supermarket chains, such as Co.opmart, Metro, Lotte, AEON, Bach hoa xanh, BigC,... In particular, sagri also has a distribution system for sagrifood convenience stores and serves other retail systems across the country and exports, giving consumers the best products - the most prestigious and strong connection to global e-commerce


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 Pham Thiet Hoa

General Director of SAGRI




To further strengthen our position as a leading enterprise in the field of agriculture, forestry and aquacultural manufacturing and development through  continous improvement in relevant skills and knowledge 


Tầm nhìn



To supply quality breeding stock and seeding trees, and provide professinal agriculture services to farmers across the country

To mass produce agricluture, forestry and aquaclutural products based on strict Safety and Quality standards in an effcient manner, so that consummers can enjoy our quality products at a reasonable price





Our motto" Green technology For A Better Life" is the foundation on which we have estalished and continue to develop our organization. As such, we aim to utilize the most cutting - edge technologies and provide easily traceable supply chains, to serve the increasing nees for safe and quality products, and at the same time, to preserve our natural resources for future generations.





Using high technology, friendly with the environment

Input materials are sourced and safe

Create safe and quality products

Consumer health, customer satisfaction